Shortly About Us

A & A Youth Community and Learning Center was founded by Allen Jerome Smith, Sr. on May 28, 2004. It started after he wanted to create an after school program for his kids because they were often up late doing their school work. It ended up becoming an after-school and summer program to help single parents and grandparents with their kids, many of whom cannot afford other such programs.

A&A's program was developed to provide kids with educational assistance along with a solid discipline and structure that will help them transition into productive and successful adults. With 7 workers and many kids ranging from ages 4-12, kids receive help with skills like counting money and writing. During the summer, the kids have opportunities to go on field trips ( Atlanta, Georgia; tour of CNN, krispy kreme) and then write papers about their experiances to help improve their writing skills. The kids at A&A not only receive the care they need to grow, they also are able to have fun.


"The program helps [...] it helps me and their mom a great deal with our schedules and Mr. Smith doesn't hold back [...] he treats then as if they're his own kids. It's a good program [...] and a good place to bring your kids to."